Hobie History: Hobie Alter’s 79th Birthday Party!

On Saturday night, we all headed to the California Surf Museum in Oceanside to celebrate the grand opening of the exhibit “Hobie: Shaping a Culture” and to party for Hobie Alter’s 79th birthday!

Happy birthday, Hobie!!!! To many many many more!!!!

Besides having the most INCREDIBLY beautiful cake with a Hobie logo made of frosting, the night had a surfboard auction featuring 9 classic shapes from the Hobie design collection history. All the boards were painstakingly recreated by today’s master shapers and sold with all proceeds going to the California Surfing Museum.

It was another night where I literally could not believe that this is my real life. To be able to stand in a room with Hobie Alter, to look through the body of work of one of the greatest craftsmen the world has ever known. Not, only a great craftsman, but an innovator, a genius at design, a trail blazer. A man who dedicated his life, his time, his abilities to “making toys better, so people can have more fun.”  He changed the boards we surf, the stores we shop in, the boats we sail, the planes we glide, the golfballs we hit. He made toys better. He made toys that last. He made toys where quality, design and fun all went hand in hand. To know that in a small way, I too get to be part of the history of this company…. to play my part in the tradition of making toys better to have more fun… well.. it hasn’t stopped being surreal and I hope it never does.

Here is a slideshow of the night. Don’t miss out on this exhibit*, it really is a once in a lifetime chance to walk through the history and innovations of a great man. Happy 79th birthday, Hobie!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*Hobie Shaping A Culture:
The Hobie display is a visual timeline journey of surfboards, SUP’s, products, archive memorabilia and photos spanning over six decades; also on display is a Hobie Catamaran on the museum roof.

The exhibit is a celebration of Hobie’s myriad achievements as a seminal Renaissance man in the surf culture. A genius at simple but unforgettable imagery, Hobie’s shapes, stores, team, clothing line and artistic style were benchmarks in the boom of the fifties and sixties modern surf era and continue to thrive today.

Alter is a founding pioneer in the surfboard shaping industry, creator of the Hobie Cat, and founder of the Hobie Company. A successful surf entrepreneur, Alter is world renowned as the man behind the development of the foam-and-fiberglass surfboard.

-Tracey Engelking


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