Hobie Shop: Winners of the Ocean Minded Summer Stories Photo Contest!!

Congratulations to the winners of the “Ocean Minded Summer Stories” photo contest!  Can’t wait to see Kathleen and Marie in the shops having fun with their winnings!!

Here is the story from the Ocean Minded blog…. 

As we settle into fall and gear up for the fast-approaching winter season, Ocean Minded wanted to take a second to reminisce the beautiful days of summer in the Ocean Minded Summer Stories Photo Contest onFacebook. We loved seeing and hearing about our fan’s ‘ocean minded’ summers and commend everyone for helping keep our beaches, oceans, lakes, rivers and mountains clean. After a month of voting however, the people have spoken and the results are in. Cue drum roll please! And the winners are…

1st Place Winner
Congratulations to Kathleen M. with 2,901 votes! Grand Prize includes a $400 shopping spree at Hobie Surf Shops and $400 in Ocean Minded shoes and sandals

“Our summer wouldn’t be fun without the ocean! Let’s keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy!” – Kathleen M.

2nd Place Winner
Round of applause for Marie R. with 2,560 votes! Second Prize includes $200 in Ocean Minded shoes and sandals and a pair of Hobie Polarized Heritage Glass Seriessunglasses

“This summer my family and I went to Depoe Bay in Oregon. I just love the waves! We were all in an ocean state of mind or should I say Ocean Minded. The ocean truly relaxes you and helps clear your mind of any stresses. I love the beach and the ocean, it is a place of peace and tranquilty.” – Marie R.

3rd Place Winner
Hats off to Angelina H. with 2,290 votes! Third Prize includes $80 in Ocean Minded shoes and sandals and a pair of Hobie Polarized Motion Poly Carbonate Seriessunglasses

“We love the ocean it’s in our bones ..we leave it the way we found it for others to enjoy no plastic bottles or chip bags ..to distrub the sand…we count the days to retirement so we may return to my husbands hometown to live…” Angelina H.

Ocean Minded Staff Favorites

“Ocean Mental is Ocean Minded” – Kyle K.

“I spent my summer evenings hiking the Maine coastline, picking up trash along the way. I like to think these Seagulls are saying ‘Thank you!’” – Steph P.

“This is down at the K38 break in Baja, Mexico. It was a beautiful spot, but it was sad to see the tires and plastic littering the beach. Every time I walked up the beach I tried to be “ocean minded” made sure to pick up as many pieces of trash as I could.” – Daniel U.

“Every time I visit the ocean, I am given something special. Whether I can get in that water or I just have to settle for a view, it reawakens my soul…no matter how many times I visit. The ocean provides an adventure, an exercise, a lesson, a breathtaking view, and possibly a new aquatic friend. With all that the ocean has given me, I will always respect it and do all I can to protect it. I will always be Ocean Minded.” – Kira H.

“My one true love, always respectful. (Adriatic Sea, Croatia)” – Kristy C.

“Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out into the ocean” Fun times in Fire Island” – Alexis D.

“Mid-day swim with no wind. Minding the ocean; anchored somewhere at sea.” – Amy H.

“On the West Coast of Lake Michigan, we bring extreme to the freshwater. Surfing, wake boarding, and windsurfing. Unsalted and powerful. Respect the power.” – Benjamin P.


To view the rest of our Summer Stories Photo Contest Submissions, visit our facebook page by click here. Thank you our wonderful sponsors, Hobie Surf Shops and Hobie Designs! And thank you all of our fans- way to be Ocean Minded!


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