Hobie Shop: LoVE LoVE LoVE All Things Fall!!

Come the autumn, I awaken
to the raining celebration of the trees before the winter,
giving up the weight of beauty and the glory of attention.

Paper fire in the sunlight….. 



 It isn’t that summer doesn’t hold the key to the depths of our heart, because it does…. but Autumn… oh, lovely crisp fall. Oh, how we love the sky that is on fire, with pink and red splendor. The swells that pound with freshly chilled water. Thick morning mist surf checks with our beanies pulled tight, steaming thick coffee in hand. The first snows falling up North, the first call of the kids looking for their jackets late for school.. oh fall, you are awash in a sea of splendor!!


Our team at Hobie Surf Shop is equally in love with fall, so we enlisted members from each of the shops (and Jay Wild, a Hobie team rider who inspired this whole post with his photo) to show us their favorite fall look available now. The results were ADORABLE!! We took pics of the two together, then in the slide show at the bottom, you can click on their individual pictures to see what they were wearing… so darling!!! <3


Jay Wild, Hobie Team Rider… Location: Lake Tahoe, California. This pic of him in Patagonia beanie and patagonia nano puff, make us want to drive up to the fresh mountain air!


From Hobie Corona Del Mar, Sarah and Cameron



Hobie Dana Point, Tara and Bucky


Hobie San Clemente: Shevon and Kyle


Hobie Laguna Beach: Liz and Brennen



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Love LoVE LOVE our Hobie Team!!! They are all so dang cute!!! Come on into any of our five shops (click here for locations) we love seeing you, or shop some of the styles here in our online shop at www.hobiesurfshop.com. Happy fall ya’ll!!! <3


-Tracey Engelking



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