Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: Boots and the Hobie Halloween Coloring Contest!!

Good Morning!!!!! Happy fantastic Monday! Happy Columbus Day!!!! Happy October Halloween Super Scary Funtimey Awesomeness… ok, that last one was a little overboard. But! October is a favorite time of year. It’s boot season, which means our Hobie Surf Shops are stocked with cute finds from Olukai, Ugg, and many more. I’m already writing this post with my Ugg Mountain Quilted Short boots on.  (They are the creamy dreamy pair on the second row from the top… quilted soft fuzzies!!)


LOVE LoVE Love Boot Season!!!!!!

Besides a serious addiction to warm toasty footwear, I love October because it brings with it a NEED to obsess over Halloween! I love all of it; the Trick or Treating, the costumes, the decorations… and, cutest of all, our Hobie Halloween Spooktacular Coloring contest.




First, how ridiculously cute is our Frankensurfer?? This was drawn by our man in charge of all things warehouse, Craig Dunlap. Here are the details, get your kids into any of our five shops, bring home the spooky Frankensurfer, get crazy creative with him, put your name and phone # on him, bring him back to one of the five shops and sit back and collect all your riches from having the sickest artsy Frankensurfer of all time! Winners 1st-3rd are chosen from all five shops! Go wild, think outside of the page, and have fun!! (Also, you can put your name and # on the back, since they are hung in the shop windows, safety first.) Can’t wait to see all your fun creations!!


-Tracey Engelking


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