Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: Threads For Thought

Threads for Thought

Good morning and Happy Monday!!! We are off to a lovely start here in Southern California, sunny blue skies as far as the eye can see! Everything has the fresh crisp  feel of a fall day to it… mmmmmmm… fall!! I just want to put on a cozy tee, cozy sweatpants, get back into my cozy bed and drink a cozy cup of coffee… but, *sigh* it’s Monday and that makes it a work day; so, no cozy back to bed for me. But!! I can wear a cozy tee to work! My go to tee’s are always sustainable organic cotton, made with a close eye on human rights, from a company that gives back, like Threads for Thought!

**** Before we start on the Monday Morning Obsession (MMO), I should mention I am in NO way paid by the companies who are featured in MMO. I don’t get the products for free. (Yeah, bust!) The owners of Hobie Surf Shops have no say in what products I feature. The buyers have no say in what products I feature; although they sometimes give me input and their thoughts on the item too. Everything shown on MMO is something I like, that we sell, that I feel like you should know about how amazing-y it is.****

Threads for Thought available at all five Hobie Surf Shop retail locations and coming soon online: click the picture for our retail locations! <3

Not to get all preachy, but it is reallllllly easy now a days to make sure your clothing is being made by people who are being paid appropriately for making it (like Threads for Thought), and are being treated well while making it too. It may seem hard to fill your wardrobe from top to bottom; but when you find a good company, who put human rights first, make sure you stock up from them first, then fill from there. Besides having a quality human rights record, it is also realllllly easy to buy from a company that is as sustainable and eco-conscious (like Threads for Thought) as possible too. Read the tags in clothing, and spend a few minutes online seeking out companies who are low impact and do a lot of good, and your closet will be a very happy place!!

Threads for Thought fabrics… organically grown cotton, and polyester derived from recycled water bottles. Fabrics are dyed using low impact dyes.

Our friends at Threads for Thought put a ton of time and effort into making sure they are being socially and environmentally conscious. Here are a few Thoughts (haha) from Threads for Thoughts:

How Your Threads are Sustainable

Fabrics are made using the most sustainable materials possible such as organically grown cotton, and polyester derived from recycled water bottles. Fabrics are dyed using low impact dyes. Often, water used in the dye process is purified and then reused. Fabric is cut and sewn into a specified style. Embellishments such as prints, beads, stones are applied last. Screen prints are often done using K2 water based inks. Other embellishments come from recycled materials whenever possible.

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Click on the photo to learn more.

At Threads for Thought, we believe that we are all Citizens of the World and this presumes a responsibility for humanity as a whole as well as a commitment to the preservation of this planet that we all share.

To this end, we have selected two highly effective charities as the primary organizations that we support…the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resource Defense Council. Not only do we provide financial support, but we create and donate Shop the Cause products, sponsor events, act as a “cause” partner and advocate for their critical work addressing humanitarian or natural crises.

Besides being an all around incredibly conscious company, Threads for Thought put out some of the best fitting, softest basics. If you are looking for a hoodie to go with almost anything, they are your company. Looking for comfortable tees that will last through loads of washing cycles, they are your company. If you are interested in global human rights, they are your company. If you are passionate about the land, they are your company! Stop into any of our five shops and check them out today!

-Tracey Engelking


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