Hobie Surf: So Hot Outside…. So Hot in Here….

Our Solar Overlord…

Remember last year at this time here in Southern California, when we were all wearing heavy jackets and complaining about our total lack of summer…. oh, how I miss last year.

I feel like we are actually living in an Endless Summer, it’s going to be 95 degrees at the Coast today and tomorrow… SERIOUSLY.. ninety five!! Which means inland is so hot that it has liquified. So, since we can not keep cool this weekend.. here are incredible photos of Keith MalloyTrevor Gordon, Chris BurkardCyrus SuttonDane Gudauskas and Foster Huntington on an exploratory surf trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. Look through, and if you want more, check out the Patagonia blog: The Cleanest Line to see past updates.

Kamchatka Surf Trip 

Keith_beard - Copy

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with the Kamchatka surf crew during their travels through remote eastern Russia. We just received a new sat-phone call from Patagonia ambassador Keith Malloy and our on-the-scene reporter Foster Huntington describing the latest leg of their journey.

Audio_graphic_20pxListen to “Kamchatka Surf Trip 2
(mp3 – right-click to download)

[Above: Made to order fun. Keith Malloy deploys the tray for a body surfing session on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Photo: Foster Huntington]

[Six hours over hellish 4×4 terrain. Photo by Foster Huntington]Camp
[Base camp in Kamchatka with Trevor Gordon (@tearevor), Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard), Cyrus Sutton (@korduroytv), Keith Malloy and Dane Gudauskas (@danedamus). Photo by Foster Huntington (@fosterhunting)]

[Cooking by fire in Kamchatka. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[The Sling-Shaka by Trevor Gordon on his FCD Fark(@fcdsurfboards). Photo by Trevor Gordon]

[Trevor Gordon getting some shelter in a 4-degrees Celsius wave. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Chris Burkard capturing the #kamshaka crew. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Cyrus Sutton getting some shelter. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Solo. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Fly fishing #kamshaka style. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Keith Malloy casting for silver salmon. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Cyrus Sutton searching for salmon. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Trevor Gordon staying out of the wind. Photo by Keith Malloy]

[Trevor Gordon running out for another sesh. Photo by Foster Huntington]

[Staying warm. Photo by Foster Huntington]

I feel much cooler…
Don’t forget if you can’t find a spot to park at the beach this weekend, and you need to get cooooollll, stop into any of our five AIR CONDITIONED Hobie surf shops!!
-Tracey Engelking

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