Hobie Surf: The Surfer Boy

The Beach Boy’s Cover for Surfer Girl

It’s August 31st, and that means summer is just about to grind to a halt… Sads!! **Sigh** Well, before Labor Day hits, lets take a little delve into “Surfer Boys”! On Tuesday we shared our all time favorite photos of Surfer Girls, so today it’s the guys turn! Here are some of our favorite photos of Surfer Boys from yesterday and today… They make me NEED to get in the water!!! Enjoy!!

Hobie Alter

Andy Irons

Christian Fletcher

Duke Kahanamoku

Kelly Slater… I forgot the pre-no hair Kelly!!

Mickey Munoz

Colin McPhillips

Eddie Aikau

Gerry Lopez

Lance Burkhart aka Laird Hamilton

John John Florence

Phil Edwards

Donavon Frankenreiter

There are like at least a billion more surf photos that I love, but these were the first bunch I remembered to look up. Now go get in the water!!!! Woo!

-Tracey Engelking


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