Hobie Surf: The Surfer Girl

I love stumbling around on youtube and finding a little gem….

I found this video of a time lapse painting of a surfer girl called “The Hobie”. While I was loving the remake of the classic Beach Boys song playing in the background, I was thinking through my all time favorite photos of “Surfer Girls”.. the kind that really surf, not the models they sprtiz down to look like surfers (not that there is anything wrong with that, a girls gotta make a living!) but the real deal genuine chargers from yesterday and today. Here is a photo essay of my favorite Surfer Girl photos of all time!! Oh, and I’ll have one on the Surfer Boys on Friday!! Enjoy!!!

I wonder where we would be as women surfers with out her??

Carissa Moore

Jericho Poppler

Lisa Anderson

Layne Beachley

Rell Sunn

Bethany Hamilton

Lindsay Steinriede-Engle

Stephanie Gilmore

Linda Benson

Belinda Baggs

Keala Kennelly

If these don’t make you want to get in the water, nothing will! ;)

-Tracey Engelking


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