Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: Floor Length Maxi Skirts!

By the time you read these words, I will be gone…. Gone to Africa, baby!!!! Woot woot!! Before we chat on that, happy glorious Monday!! Wherever you are right now, trust me, it’s better than being cramped in the wee teeny airplane seat that I am currently confined to!

I so hope this is not me right now… Ugh!!!

For all you FOHSSB (Fans of Hobie Surf Shop Blog, yeah, I’m trying to make that happen) don’t worry, just because I’m in Africa for two weeks the blog will continue on as scheduled. I have pre-blogged for the two weeks, so your dose of flavor from the Shop will be up on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday… and, if we get lucky, some Sunday Science with Gary Larson. In case you are curious, I will be in the Zomba region of Malawi, bringing a school, a playground, and Sawyer Community water filters from Waves for Water to some really amazing kids! Going to be all time, here is Malawi….

Yeah Malawi!!!

Ok, enough of all that… it’s time for my Monday Morning Obsession… the floor length maxi skirt by Roxy called the Mellow Mystique!! It is a wrap skirt and I am going bananas for it! I have it packed in my suitcase and it is ready to go…

The Roxy Mellow Mystique floor length maxi

Here is Roxy’s description: “Love. Exciting and new. Come aboard. This maxi wrap is expecting you. Complete with an adjustable tie belt, calling this skirt amazing and awesome just doesn’t do it justice. And your entire closet is going to be so excited. It’s a fashion fairy tale come true as it’s an unbelievable sweeping beauty. 40-inch length. 100% cotton yarn dye. Imported. Machine wash.” I couldn’t agree more!! It looks really cute with T’s or sweaters. A perfect stylish piece for the traveler in you. Two color ways, available in shops and online at www.hobiesurfshop.com

Click on the photo to shop the skirt now…

Have a fantastic Monday!!!! See you soooooonnnn!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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