Hobie Shop: 3 More Days of Endless Summer Sale!!

NOOoooooooo!!!!!!!!! Only 3 days left of our Endless Summer Sale!!!

It has been one of our most fun and successful ones yet! Thank you so much to all our loyal customers, our out of town visitors, and, especially, our Hobie Shop Team!! Every sale there is a stand out story that makes us all know we work at a great place… our girl Elise S. is in the running for top stand out of all time!

We LoVE you too!!!

If you are a regular at Hobie San Clemente, I know you recognize Elise, and you probably miss her a lot. She moved up to Portland a while back, after working at Hobie for 4 years. When you work somewhere for four years you make so many great friendships, not only with coworkers, but with our shoppers too! So, since she was planning a trip back down to visit friends and family anyway… our lovely Elise scheduled her vacation around the Endless Summer Sale so she could reconnect with all her Hobie family!! Stop in and say “Hi!!” to her and let her know you miss her!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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