Hobie Shop: Whitney from Laguna Beach Hobie Takes You Inside the Endless Summer Sale!

The Amazing Whitney.. <3

Being a South Orange County native, there are some things that are just innately “summer” to me. Things like sitting on the grassy hill above Salt Creek Beach at sunset and watching all the boys, wetsuit-clad, running down to the waves for one last surf sesh. The unmistakable “ding” of the Laguna Beach trolley, chugging along as it picks up groms and tourists for a free ride. I love seeing the grom kids barefoot and stoked with the absence of school, clutching their waxy, sandy skimboards with a purposeful yet lazy grip.  Summer days, joining the crowds for happy hour drinks at Fisherman’s on San Clemente’s splintered yet soulful pier. Dodging the fallout from super soakers and water balloons alike at Dana Point Harbor’s epic 4th of July water fight celebration. Soaking up rays on the white sands of Victoria Beach, gossiping and dreaming with friends about which one of the palatial homes dotting the hillside will one day be ours. Finally, gridlock PCH traffic that momentarily makes you wish you lived somewhere else. That is, until your glance falls upon the crystal clear waters of the Pacific and you think to yourself, it is sooo worth it.

Another huge part of my summer is Hobie’s Endless Summer Sale. This year will be my 12th sale working for Hobie, a company that over the years has become my family. I started in high school, and spent my first sale lost in a mountain of bikini go-backs (go backs, by the way, build character) :). I have since graduated to more challenging tasks but I can’t help getting a little nostalgic seeing our high school staffers daunted by that same mountain. I have witnessed this sale grow from a respectable little event to the epic deal-busting extravaganza it is today. It’s more than just a sale, it’s a tradition. It is a way for us to say thank you to all of our customers for their constant patronage and support. We value our locals and love the fresh faces of our tourists. Hobie is a mix of innovation and rich history.  We strive to keep the tradition of our sale alive but are always looking for ways to raise the bar: ways to make it bigger, better, and of course more convenient for you. So come in, shop (be sure to hit up the 70% off rack), have fun, and be a part of our tradition.

-Fondly, Whitney Rose (Hobie Laguna Beach Store Manager)



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