Hobie Shop: Monday Morning Obsession: The Critical Slide Society

Monday… Glorious Monday! I’m off to a very slow start.. a still in bed kind of a slow start!! Huge thanks to the people responsible for wi-fi and laptops, you are making my work life so much more lovely this morning as I am able to click away from a cocoon of blankets and get my business handled! I have been shopping our fabulous collection of sweet finds online all morning (everything you see online is available with much much much more in our five Hobie Surf Shop retail locations too!!), here is what I have been all in a froth over this morning… The Critical Slide Society.

The Critical Slide Society was started in a small beachside cottage on the east coast of Australia in September 2009 by Jim Mitchell & Sam Coombes.

Over the past few years they’ve worked as a small team with a number of contributors from across the planet to build the brand from the sand up. Developing a society of people connected through surf, fashion, art and most importantly, a good sense of humour. All style all day. Every piece in the line makes me think of long lines drawn out across a wave, warm beach days, and uncrowded space. The styles range from retro vintage board shorts, ultra soft modern fit T’s, and  washed out button ups. Some of the most unique beach styles in a long time.

Shop The Critical Slide Society by clicking the photo, or come into any of our five shops.

-Tracey Engelking


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