Hobie Shop: Hobie Back to College Style Picks

It’s that time of year shops all over are filled with dorm room must haves. Lamps, fuzzy pillows, bright colored milk crates, bean bag chairs, (no dorm room is complete with out one, so stop arguing with your kid in Target about it’s impracticality and just get it for them so I can go back to looking at the multi colored duct tape in peace!!!!) and every imaginable school supply known to the clerk at Staples! However, there were no style picks.. what the heck! Easy style is as important to the outbound college student as learning how to tap a keg… I mean.. learning how to use a scientific calculator. ;)

Our Hobie Style Must Haves:

For the Ladies:

1. The O’Neill Cara Tank: Matches with everything, can be layered under or over and will stay in your wardrobe for years!

2. Hurley 81 Skinny Leggings: We have them in 5 different colors and they are with out a doubt the best fitting leggings I own! No saggy butt and you can wear them multiple times with out having to spend precious cash on laundry.

3. O’Neill Leo Pant: As comfortable as sweat pants but with style!

4. O’Neill California Dreaming T: A little taste of California love for when you get homesick… <3

5. Roxy San Martin Skirt: dress it up with a sweater and boots or dress it down with a t and sandals, comfortable and stylish!

6. Billabong On a Good Path Sweater: It will keep you toasty in any drafty lecture hall; throw it on top of jeans and a plain t.

7. Ugg Classic Tall Boot: You MUST not go to college with out a pair… I think they are a requirement for your degree.

For the Guys:

8. The Critical Slide Society Aye Aye T: Takes the classic white t up a level.

9. The Billabong Hatchet Pant: Skinny leg but with enough room for the dreaded “Freshman 15″… we have them in 4 colors.

10. Jack O’Neill Stoked Long Sleeve: You are already at the school of your choice; unless you are at a game, there isn’t any reason to wear a t with the name of your school blazed across your chest. Simple style is better.

11. Quiksilver Kona Kona Button Up: Bring the “Aloha Friday” tradition with you where ever you go!

12. Patagonia Fjord Flannel: A flannel NEVER goes out of style. Ever.

13. Vans Authentic Shoe: A true California classic. Comfortable and durable.

For Both:

14. Hobie Polarized Woody’s: For when all the Visine in the world can’t get the red eye of the late night “study” session out.

15. The Penny Skateboard: Perfect for when you run out of gas money.

-Tracey Engelking


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