Hobie Shop: Blogger Vacation with Video Fun

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July! I’m writting this blog from the comfort of a lounge chair at the Hyatt in Palm Springs. I am like a lizard on a hot rock… scratch that.. I am like a content lizard on a 106 degree rock. Glorious. Anyway… it’s Friday, I’m on vacation but I didn’t want to leave you hanging while I am resting in the desert. So, here are two videos that are on my mind at the moment! Enjoy!!

First… San Diego’s Fireworks show, um.. all 30 seconds of it.

Second… The incredible clip of a neglected bookmark that learns to drop in, titled “Much Better Now”!

Vacation is over in a few days, and the blog will return to normal with Gary Larson’s Science Blog on Sunday addressing the question “Why is the Sky Orange?” and on Tuesday, a profile of one of my favorite surfers at Hobie, Bucky Barry. Until then, make it a Hobie day and if you’re in So Cal, make sure you get on some of the swell!!

-Tracey Engelking


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