Hobie Surf: United States Police and Fire Championships: Surfing

I know right where I will be posted up starting tomorrow; the United States Police and Fire Championships surfing competition is on at Churches (in the event info, they are calling the location “Camp Pendelton”, but we know it as Church).  Three days of shortboarding, longboarding, and SUP! The surf events at The United States Police and Fire Championships (USPFC) are open to active or retired law enforcement and fire service personnel from an eligible agency within the USA. So if that is you, I hope to see you in the water!!

A little taste of last year.. We loved all the Fire Engine red Hobie boards out in the water!

The competitors are what make this event so fun to watch. Most surf contests you go to are pretty uniform. All the competitors have about the same skill level and scores tend to be pretty close. Last year at the Championships, they had Police Officers jumping onto friends boards that were way too small, Firefighters trying longboarding for the very first time after a lifetime of shortboarding, and, of course, everyone was willing to get on a SUP and give it a go. Not one person up and down the beach was taking any part of the competition as anything but a day to have fun in the water. Smiles, laughs and good times galore!

Hobie Lifestyle Athlete and Hobie Surf Shop Ambassador, Mike Skelly

Taking to the water from Team Hobie are Mike Skelly, Fred Merrill, and Chris Hamm. All three will compete in all three divisions.

Fred Merrill, or as we call him Emmy’s dad.

Shortboarding starts tomorrow, June 27th. Longboarding is on June 28th. The event finals and SUP are on June 29th. If we hear of any changes, we will update this post. Also, we still aren’t clear on parking. Last year, you were allowed to drive onto Camp Pendelton’s beach road (next to Churches) and park in designated spots, however, we don’t know yet if that is still an option. Again, we’ll update as soon as we know.. or, in Firefighter radio speak: “Stand By”.

Chris Hamm

See you tomorrow!!

-Tracey Engelking


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