Hobie Shop: Hobie Summer of Fun is HERE!

Summer is finally here!!! The kids are out of school, the water in So Cal is warm (ok, it’s 68, but that is warm enough!), it’s suns out buns out at the beaches, and I have two things getting me all kinds of excited!!

First… We have a catalog!!! Thanks to the amazing Gina Falletta and Mo Barry’s late nights and incredible hard work, your little local darling surf shop by the name of Hobie has a glossy book available to help you jump into summertime! Exciting, yes??!!

Hobie Alter Sr on the front cover and the classic Hobie T on the back.

Since I can never resist a little virtual shopping.. let me show you some of the picks!!

You can see and shop all these looks and tons more of our catalog picks here: Hobie Summer 2012 Catalog and, of course, in all five of our lovely locations!

Second thing that has me all excited is… It’s Summmmmer Summmmerr Summmer Timmmmmme, Summer time; Time to sit back and unwind. Ok, you get it, I’m excited for summer! Long days at the beach, BBQs, the smell of sunscreen, goofing around with friends, bonfires, ducking out of work early, long weekends… ahhhh, I love it all!! Here is a sweet little video from the way back files to get you excited too!!!

Summertime… it never gets old, does it??

-Tracey Engelking


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