Hobie Shop: Father’s Day Picks Dads LoVE!!!

Father’s day is this Sunday, and you know you have the kind of dad who would LoVE to get his gift done right from Hobie! We picked our favorites and shared them below! Don’t worry if you can’t get into our five shops, everything featured here is available online at www.hobiesurfshop.com . Enjoy!!!!

Starting at the top from left to right, click on the blue words to get more information:

If your dad is like mine, he likes it made in the USA! We make it easy for you with a whole section devoted to  Made in the USA Mens Clothing! Can’t you see your pops rocking these sweet stars and stripes trunks by AMBSN??

For the dad who is out early in the mist checking the surf, the Hobie by Hurley Reed Spray Jacket is perfect! The quality of this jacket is insane.

The Homage boardshort from the Jack O’Neill Originals collection takes your dad into the way back machine when showing your knees was HOT!! 19″ length!!

Every dad gives his kids the same direction on Father’s Day.. “Just get me a shirt, or something…” Here is a timeless button up from the Jack O’Neill Originals collection, the Hatteras will look sweet decades from now!

Quiksilver Clamside Aloha Friday… Because your dad likes to party.

Help your dad look tight at the 19th hole in the Quiksilver Water Polo golf shirt.

The ROARK Grandaddy pocket knife is a flawless fit for anyone…!

For the chillest dads… The Spicoli T from The Critical Slide Society  ** Note: Do Not get this for your pops unless he knows at least one Spicoli quote; here is a freebee: “Aloha, Mr. Hand.”

No more big SUPs for your dad, hook him up with a progressive Hobie SUP Raw surf model,  designed by Colin McPhillips and Mark Johnson, made by hand here in our Hobie Capo Beach shaping rooms.

Ok, maybe your dad isn’t quite ready to take the SUP Raw plunge, but he is always down to have fun in the water… The Waterhawk is nothing but a good time at the beach waiting to happen!! Also, we have tons of other Made in The USA gear ready for beach funtimes.

For the dad who has EVERYTHING, get him a wet/dry bag by Hobie. Put your phone, keys, towel in and seal it; everything inside stays dry in the wettest of water.

Happy Father’s Day… Make it a great one!!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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