Hobie Heart: The Terry Martin Project Auction Goes Richter

Sunday night, at The Terry Martin Project, we witnessed pure unselfish giving in it’s most lovely form. It was a testament to the man himself, who throughout a lifetime taught all those around him how to share their gifts not only with out restraint, but with out need for accolades. He showed us to find something you are good at and that you love, then stick with it and perfect it. Each one of us has something unique to only us that were are masters in waiting at.

For what should it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in the process…

The auction was as incredible, as the boards themselves! Pre auction estimates were shattered for all the boards and I think for the art work too! The start to the night was a film by Donny Brink of Terry, and in the words of Mr. Martin, “well, that was really neat.”; it set the tone and put the evening into perspective. It also made me want to make my own kite out of newspaper…

There were so many truly touching and really fun moments too; like the man who won Terry’s green van and drove it home with the Endless Summer Board hanging out in the back, but three will be carried with me for a long time. The Hot Curl, The Corky Carroll, and the butter-Spoon.

The incredible groundswell of people stepping up to “bid” on the Hot Curl…

“1952 Replica Of The Very First Surfboard I Made” written on the stringer of the Hot Curl by Terry Martin

Anyone who has spent anytime around the Alter brothers (Hobie Jr and Jeff) knows, they are very private people. Never ones to boast or draw attention to themselves. They are a rare breed, and a blessing, a very behind the scenes blessing, to so many people around them. Seeing them take the stage and share their thoughts on Terry, the board and their personal donation amount, was stunning. Private people who keep their emotions to themselves always makes for a realness as well as an awkwardness when they are drawn out to share them in public. They described that the board should stay with the Martin family, that it wouldn’t be fitting for it to be anywhere else. So, instead of bidding to “buy” the Hot Curl and take it home, you would bid on the Hot Curl to keep it with the Family. Jeff and Hobie jr quietly started the bidding at $10,000. Practically the entire audience followed suit with bids from $100 to $5,000! Josh Martin, Terry’s son, took the stage and said that the family would want the board to be able to be seen and enjoyed by everyone, so it was their wish that it would eventually hang in the Dana Point Hobie Shop, needless to say the crowd went WILD!

Marissa “Mo” Barry, Bucky Barry, Joe Barry and Maxx Dexter take home the Corky Carroll…

The Corky Carroll.. soon to be in the water near you.

Watching from across the room and seeing Mo, Bucky, Joe and Maxx band together to not only buy a board, but to preserve a mans legacy and last wishes is something I have never seen. There was no selfishness in the act, they didn’t want the board so they could “win” it over someone else, they wanted the board so they could ride it and share it… not add it to a collection and lock it away. They bought it because it was the last board Bucky saw Terry make, a keepsake of a man that touched their lives. Not a trophy, but an enduring memory for the Barry family of making boards with a master. It was a magical moment, the bidding stopped right at the exact amount that they were able to pool together, I like to think it was a little gift from Terry that the other bidder decided to bow out with not even an extra hundred to spare. The hug between brother and sister, after the auctioneer gave them the nod, led to an eruption of love, tears, and unbridled cheers from the whole crowd. The Corky Carroll shaped by Terry Martin will be ridden, how sweet is that!

The Donny Brink butter-Spoon…

Asymmetrical Madness from Donny Brink for Terry Martin

Seeing the movie Donny made of Terry over a three year period for the second time, I was struck at the complex simplicity of the lessons he was sharing. I can only imagine how much Donny grew not only as a shaper, but as a spiritual man while he made this movie and shared his life every Friday with Terry. When the bidding started for the butter-Spoon it jumped beyond the estimate so fast, jaws were dropping and smiles were beaming. A mans work and risks were being validated before our eyes. By the time it reached the word “sold” the shock, awe, and joy radiating off of Donny enveloped the room. Not a dry eye in the house, the quiet man from South Africa is about to make a lot of noise in the board world.

Jeff Alter, Timmy Patterson, Byron Kurt, Colin McPhillips, Dick Whited, Rich Pavel and (seated) Donny Brink

At the end of the night I think if Terry were there more than in spirit, he would have said “Now, That was realllly something!” May we all try and be a little more like Terry Martin everyday. ♥

-Tracey Engelking

5 thoughts on “Hobie Heart: The Terry Martin Project Auction Goes Richter

  1. Thanks Tracey for capturing the night for us all. We had so much fun sharing the smiles, the tears and the love for Terry!
    What a terrific man that gave so much to so many….
    I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by such caring individuals–the Ohana vibe was so palpable it engulfed the Ocean Institute.

  2. The night was a fantastic tribute to Terry and his life. He and his Brother in Law John Cherry inspired me into re entering something I lost long a go. Terry’s van that we purchased at the auction will be well used for what he intended it for.. I am thrilled that all came together to send Terry off and give Candy some added financial security. Mitch Talcove

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