Hobie Shop: Coachella by Hobie

Oh Coachella, you dusty festival of music in the desert; every year you call all the wild boys and girls to your tented amazingness. Seriously, you have dodgeball, morning yoga, art studios, an organic farmer’s market, a silent dance party, AND Pink’s hot dogs… and this is just at the campsite, you haven’t even gotten into the Festival itself yet. *Sigh* So jealous we aren’t there…

If you are lucky enough to be going up today,  you still have time to get your style correct before the first act opens the show!! We had Taylor and Chico from the Dana Point Hobie pick outfits out of the shop for all three days!

Day 1: Cute, Fresh and Ready!!!

Day 2: Hydration is key! Also, it is going to rain, so like your mom always told you..”Don’t forget a sweater!!”

Day 3: Take advantage of the hot showers and morning yoga, and look refreshed heading into the last day..!

Key desert worthy pieces have to be Taylor’s “All the Light’s” dress from Day three and Chico’s “Freedom” tee from Day two. (Don’t the photos make you want to get in your car and get out to the desert??!! So cute!)

All the looks are available Hobie Surf Shops! Have a fantastic festival..!!

-Tracey Engelking

** Huge thank you to Taylor and Chico for picking out all the looks and for being models!! Say hi to them both at Hobie in Dana Point and have them style you out for summer!!


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