Hobie Shop: Elle Magazine Jewelry on a Hobie Budget!

Elle Magazine; beautiful, glossy, shiny Elle Magazine, so full of lovely, but pricy, fashion. I subscribe to it strictly for masochistic reasons! It is monthly eye torture to a girl on a budget… it is page, after page, after page of the most glamorous clothing and accessories a fashionistas heart could desire!!

The ever fantastic Heidi Klum, taunting us with her fabulous budget crushing dress and jewels!

Thumbing through this months issue, I started to notice some very recognizable looks, especially in the jewelry section! I realized that in our 5 shops, most of the pieces featured existed in our cases for MUCH less! With a copy of Elle in hand, and a blog post written by my friend “Nurse Frugal” about a wedding look for less fresh in my mind, I set out to recreate Elle’s jewelry issue on a Hobie Gal’s  budget! The results are AMAZING; not only are we going to be styled cutie, we will also have enough cash left over for a raging good time! (responsibly, of course! :))

Watch the slideshow, or look through the gallery. I’m blown away by how close some of the pieces are… Enjoy!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click on a photo to enlarge and start the show…!!! <3

How inspiring is that!!! I can’t wait to wear 3 of the lizards and 5 bangles on my arm! So adorable!!! Have a glorious weekend and happy shopping!!!!!

-Tracey Engelking


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