Hobie History: Hobie Funtimes on eBay

My very most favorite part of Hobie is our rich history. We go back 62 years and in that time we have always been on the cutting edge of innovation. We have made tons of incredible things in our time, and we have had the privilege  of being asked to place our Flying H on some pretty cool stuff. However, in any 62 year span there will be a few moments that we may have forgotten all about. Luckily, there is eBay to remind us!! Let’s take a look at a few Hobie related goods up for auction this week! ***Please note, we do not know any of these sellers and in NO WAY are we vouching for the authenticity of the item or are we telling you to bid on them or are we telling you they are a great deal and you should buy them… in other words, this post is about fun stuff***

Barbie with Hobie Catamaran!!! I want this! So cute!! I’m sure I’m most likely a bit on the old side for a Barbie, but come on.. she has a boat… and not just any boat; she has a Hobie Catamaran!

So CUTE!!!!

Hobie spray top… This one comes from our “Oh, Boy that is some fashion statementing right there” collection. In our defense, it was the 80’s and this was actually pretty tight for the day!

Hello early 80’s splatter!!

The Hobie Hawk!! In 1974 Hobie Alter designed this high performance sailplane. We made around 10,000-14,000 of these amazing r/c planes. (A little Hawk history.. here) It was beyond it’s time, and it will be eternally sweet.

A classic never goes out of style.

Technicolor Hobie Wetsuit! I was kind of bummed on this wetsuit, it is so tame for it’s late 80’s era. I was searching eBay high and low for something beyond color blocked insanity. This was as wild as I could find. I promise, we put out some nutty colored ones, I’ll do my best to find one for next time.

Red makes you faster.. it is a fact.

Hobie Lounge Lizard Tee!! heheheheheheh…. what the???? hehehe!!!

Hobie’s are the only boards Godzilla will ride!!

Hobie Alter’s High School Yearbook!! Wasn’t Hobie a total hottie babe when he was a Senior in High School? Super foxy!

Hobie Alter Sr… The Man.

That is all the eBay funtimes for today. Now, I’m off to google image “Throwback Hobie Style”!

-Tracey Engelking


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