Hobie Shop: Wednesday Must Haves.. Bikini Week!!

Every Wednesday night we highlight a Hobie Shop Team member and show you their must haves of the moment on our Facebook. This week, being that it is bikini week (the most fun of all weeks!!) we are sharing photos of each of the Team members that attended our shop swim clinic and the bikini they picked as their favorite! We made a really basic, but super cute slideshow too!!

Our swim clinic was hosted by our buyers Adrienne and Marissa. We all got together in Laguna Beach and got a first rate education on all things swim. The best fits for each body type, the latest trends, information on how each style should look on, best coverage, suits with the best support, which Brazilian is the tiniest… ect. We had team members volunteer and try on tons of suits so we could see how they would look on and who they would look best on. We all shared our knowledge and tips for making sure our customers get the quality service we are known for. 

Here is a gallery of each girl, her favorite suit and why she likes it! Click on a photo and it will pop up a slide! Enjoy!!

And here is our cute slide show!!

We hope you liked our Wednesday Night Must Haves.. Bikini Week Style!! Stop into any of our five shops and our Team Hobie members will help you get a bikini look that is 100% right for you!

-Tracey Engelking


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