Hobie Shop: Hobie on Del Mar… We Surf.

News!  Big news!!  It’s happening!  It’s really happening!  The Hobie Surf Shop’s, San Clemente number two store, to be referred to from now on as the Hobie Del Mar Avenue shop, is returning to it’s roots; morphing back into a “core” surf shop.

Terry Martin…. The Machine.

Take a look in the window, there’s surfboards in there.  These beauties are hand-shaped, made in the U.S.A. surfboards by surfers who care about craftsmanship and what you ride. There’s Hobie’s by legendary shaper Terry Martin, and boards by artist/shaper, surfer extraordinaire Tyler Warren and world traveler Gary Larsen.  Local boy Max Dexter — DXTR Surfboards — and South African, Donny Brink – BRINK Surfboards — are on offering as well.  Their unique twist to surfboard art and design set them apart from what many shops offer.

Master Craftsmen

There are hard-goods too: wax, fins, ding repair; everything a surfer needs is there, right in the heart of San Clemente.  This isn’t a boutique surf shop, the guy behind the counter, he surfs!  No B.S.  He’s been at it for forty-eight years; a real straight-shooter too.  The real deal.  I’m stoked!  Hobie Surf Shop’s is stepping up; bring back innovation and authenticity.  You gotta check it out.

Only a peek… Come in to see it all…..

Hobie Del Mar Avenue

151 Del Mar

San Clemente, Ca 92672


-Andy Cowell

Hobie Surf Shop

*Photos by Tracey Engelking


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