Hobie Shop: Five Easy Paris Pieces

My husband, Chad, our son, Blue and I are heading off to Paris in a few weeks for a bit to visit some museums, eat some great food and get dirty in the catacombs. Chad has laid down the law on my packing, insisting I get one bag, of normal human size (dang… cancel the shipping container sized roller) with which to survive 7 days of outfit changes…. WHAT?? Not possible, it’s Paris, and a girl has got to be looking cute at all times. So, realizing I have unlimited access to Hobie Surf Shops buyers, Adrienne Collins and Marissa Barry, I thought I would tap them both to pick out the 5 must have pieces that I can wear multiple ways while on the trip and back at home.

First up is Marissa Barry, who helped me break out of my “fresh from a workout look”, that consisted of Yoga pants, running shoes, and tanktop/sweatshirt combos, and into a more fancy collection of fun but comfortable clothes. Thanks to her, I now look sporty and fashionable at the same time.

Her picks are the RVCA Ghost Dweller Sweater ….

RVCA does it right with a fluffy long sweater

This sweater is perfect for traveling because it can be worn two different ways. Wear it long or flip it upside down and it becomes a short look with a big collar. You can wear it over a dress or with jeans, a tee, and boots. Even better, you can use it as a blanket on the flight too!

The Hurley Slam Dunk Pant

These pants can be worn long or short!

This linen pant can be packed with out worrying about wrinkles!! A white pant is perfect for spring and summer, it can be worn with anything from a bright tank to a navy sweater and you will look chic.

The O’Neill Livie Dress

Floaty Fun!

A splash of color is perfect for April. Florals are huge for spring and this dress will really bring life to your suitcase. If it is a little chilly throw on a denim jacket and a pair of boots.

The O’Neill Liliana Short….

Easy Denim Shorts

This short gives a great update to the classic jean short. The Southwestern inlay on the side really makes this short stand out. Pair it with your favorite white tee and you are ready to go site seeing. If it’s chilly throw on the RVCA Ghost Dweller Sweater!

Quicksilver Shoreline Henley

Basics always look good!

This shirt is the perfect staple for any wardrobe. Throw it on with your favorite jeans or a pair of shorts and you will be comfy and cute!

Adrienne Collins was going to do picks for me, but she said Marissa hit it on the head! So she decided to choose some looks for my sweetie Chad. The only thing he wanted Adrienne to keep in mind is he lives in boardshorts and likes comfortable clothes.


Boardshorts and Walkshorts in one!!!!!

(FINALLY a dream come true for me!!! My husband can still wear boardshorts, but they look exactly like walkshorts! I love hybrids!!!!) Adrienne loves these because they are dressy enough to wear in the cafes in Paris and still come home and transition into kick around boardshorts.

Patagonia A/C Woven….

Don’t forget to Recycle this with Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative

You can’t ever go wrong with Patagonia. Always easy looking, durable and simple to travel with. This shirt will pair with anything you bring along, and have you looking relaxed on the busy streets.

The Quicksilver Waterman Supertubes 4 Corduroy Shorts

Soft loose fit cords… comfort at it’s best!

For a man that wants comfort out of everything he wears, Quicksilver corduroy shorts are flawless. They never go out of style and they last forever. Match them up with a tee for daytime, throw on a long sleeve button up at night and you can wear these multiple times on your trip.

Katin Blue Beard Tee

The American classic… the Tee

As an American, it’s illegal to go to any foreign country with out at least a few tee shirts. This one is one of my favorites.. it has a beard on it. Enough said.

Sanuk Scurvy Sidewalk Surfer

Navy blue kicks

Since you will be doing a lot of walking, a good shoe is a must. These feel just like a broken in sandal. You can save room in your bag by wearing them on the plane.

And just as an extra not to forget.. The Olas by Hobie Polarized 

Classic Retro Style

Classic style to set off everything you wear!

Hhhmmm…. I think, Adrienne, just made it so I can fit some of my overflow looks into the boys bags! Awesome! While we are in Paris, I’ll take a few snap shots of us in out fancy new looks and share them on Facebook and Twitter! Have a fantastic week and if you need any help  with your style questions, duck into any of our five locations and the staff will take care of you.

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf Shops 


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