Hobie Heart: Soulful Happy Healthy Heart’s the Hobie Way

February… glorious, spectacular, lovely February! The month for Santa Anna’s, glassy conditions, gorgeous sunsets and all things love and heart related. It always feels like this is when summer really hits Southern California. The water is still a chilly 58… but the bright dry sun on your face makes the ice cream headache feeling after a duck dive seem not so bad. On top of the summertime in winter weather, February is also host to Valentine’s Day (In my opinion, the greatest of all holidays!) and American Healthy Heart Month; a 29 day celebration of a fit heart. It got me thinking… What is it that keeps us heart healthy?

This wave loves you!!!

By now, we all know how to maintain a healthy “physical” heart. Heavy on the superfoods, light on the sugar, load up on fiber, and take it easy on the salt. Exercise at least 3 to 4 hours a week and your heart should be right as rain. That’s all great stuff, nothing says “hottie babe” like a clog free left ventricle. However, along with a physically healthy heart, we should also be striving to achieve a soulfully happy heart. Meaning a heart that is so full on good times and easy living, that it overflows into everything we do.

These guys went all around the world and never stopped smiling once!!

It is so easy to have a happy ticker, simply by following the “Golden Rule”, do to others as you would have them do to you. Perfect time to put this to use is that moment that we all go through, the brand new beginner surfer in the middle of our “perfect, all about me” surf session. We all know the guy; he is half falling off the board, scramble paddling for everything, standing up in front of you only to immediately fall off and kick the board at your head. This is your moment to be the cool guy. Instead of raging, take a deep heart loving breath, and calmly help a fella out. Give him a tip or two, and smile, reminding yourself that we ALL were that guy at some point. I promise, do this and you will be on your way to a soulfully happy heart.

We have ALL been this guy!

Second way to a heart that oozes sparkle, is also really simple… quit being so grouchy; you’re at the beach!! You are blessed enough in this world to be standing on the edge of the ocean in warm sand. Everything stretching out in front of you is clear blue awesomeness. The last thing your heart needs in this moment is for you to be complaining that there are other people at “your beach”. (**see photo for exception to this rule) They don’t call them public spaces for nothing, the chances of you running into another human at the beach are almost assured. In this moment, take another heart loving deep breath, smile and remember they are there for the same thing you are; a good time.

** If your beach is ever this crowded, you can complain as much as your heart desires… Yikes!!!!!

Hopefully, these little tips will help you on your journey. Remember, load up on the super foods as well as the super happiness and your heart will be as physically healthy as it soulfully healthy. Happy heart month!  See you in the water and at the beach! <3

-Tracey Engelking

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