Hobie Shop: “How To..” Tips From Your Friends at Hobie

Everyday at the shops we get lot’s of “How to” questions. How to fix a ding… How to fix a tear in a wetsuit… How to cut a SUP paddle… How to pack boards for the long plane flight… How to surf better….ect. We love answering them! However we realize you can’t all make it into our shops to ask your how to question. So I searched the internet and found the best links/videos to help aid you in your search for answers.

One hundred percent the most asked question we get is: How do I fix a ding in my board? No doubt there are a few different ways you can attack the problem of a ding, but the most complete tutorial came to us from our friends at Transworld Surf. It’s a step by step photo guide to ding repair.

Transworld Features “How to Fix a Ding” 

Next up: How can I fix a tear in my wetsuit? We have all been here, by the time you surf all winter, your wetsuit is bound to have a small tear someplace. Since the water is still cold and you don’t want to take the suit in for professional repair and miss out on surf, you can do this quick at home fix to get you by. Thanks Korduroy TV for this great video!

Korduroy TV “How to fix a Tear in a Wetsuit” 

One that is still a bit confusing is: How do I cut my SUP paddle? In some ways the length to cut too might have more to do with whether you are surfing or racing with it. We suggest you really research what length you want first… as the saying goes, measure twice, cut once! Because once you cut it, there are no backsies. But as far as the way to cut and epoxy the handle into place, Quickblade Paddles has the best answer out there.

Quickblade Paddles “How to Cut a SUP Paddle” 

My personal all time favorite question is: How do I pack my boardbag and boards for a plane flight? I love this question because it means someone is going someplace awesome to get ridiculous waves!! Although I would prefer that they didn’t also have to stock up on warm water wax in front of me in January… but that’s just because I’m jelly.  Anyway, the tops, best, “Why didn’t I think of that..?” GENIUS answer to this question comes in a how to video from Dane Gudauskas… Seriously you will kick yourself for not thinking of the pillow trick!

As far as how to surf better… there really is only one way. Practice. Seriously, there are like a billion videos (possibly an exaggeration, it’s more like a thousand or so) all over the internets about boosting airs, tucking into barrels, walking the nose, ect… and you can sit inside and watch them all day. You can pause them, analyze them, take copious amounts of notes on them… but, who wants to do that? The best way to get better is to get wet!

If you have a “How To” question that you want answered, drop us a note or comment on this post and we will answer it in a future blog post!


-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf Shop


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