Hobie Shop: Hobie + Zero Trash = A Cleaner Dana Point

A trashed landscape is not pretty. There is not one among us who likes to look at garbage on our beaches, in the lineups, and on the streets. It tarnishes the beauty of our community, and lets be honest, it’s paints a gross picture swimming through waste to catch a wave. In an effort to keep Dana Point sparkly clean, Hobie Surf Shops have teamed up with the folks at ZeroTrash.org to bring you Trash Free Saturday!

Look for the banner, stop, park, and join in!

“We are trying to clean the town and let people know that the trash goes right back into the ocean.” Philip Krajeski the area captain for Dana Point sharing his passion for garbage free spaces. “The goal is to get everyone to do a little part and that will make big things happen.” As a non profit community based organization, Zero Trash, has the very simple idea of getting as many people in an area together on the first Saturday of each month for a few hours to pick up and re-beautify their neighborhood. Kind of hard to argue with that… how could we say no??

Get a picker, a ZeroTrash.org bag, and get to work.

Jaq Barry heads up our Hobie Trash Free team, his goals are not only to have at least 20-30 people at each event but to get the schools involved. “When the kids get involved and start thinking about recycling, thats going to be huge.”  His favorite part of the program is seeing how stoked people in town get when they see the red shirts working, they stop and ask about it and you see them at the next clean up.  Jaq makes sure everyone who comes by gets a Zero Trash tee to work in and take home, a grabber, a big bag, gloves if needed, and a huge thank you high five!

Red Shirts out in full force!

In talking to the volunteers who gave up a ridiculously stunning beach day to help out, everyone shared the same sentiment; they came out to make a difference. Amy Wehner and son Dylan (who got off XBox to come down!) were shocked at some of the items they found. Besides a startling number of cigarette butts, which we were told by Philip are the number one piece of trash picked, they found liquor bottles, a cell phone battery and all manners of empty fast food wrappers. Winner for the days most disgusting thing found, was Blue Engelking, who found a dirty diaper… yea, it was funky and there wasn’t enough Purell in the world to wash the icky away.

Seriously, yea, you should just leave that unwrapped on the ground. Gross!

We found all this in 2 hours, butts galore!

Our friends at Raygun tattoo leave an ashtray outside the shop so people don’t need to toss butts on the ground. Thank you Raygun for helping to keep it Trash Free in Dana Point!

If this inspires you to get up and be involved in making your neighborhood a more lovely place to be in, visit ZeroTrash.org and start a branch in your neck of the woods. If you are local, join in Hobie Surf Shop’s Trash Free Saturday, you can call our Dana Point Hobie shop at 949- 496-2366 for more details or just be there the first Saturday of each month from 10am -12pm. Did we mention we will have donuts…. mmmmmmm….. donuts! And if the passion is really moving in you, head to the Dana Point city council meeting tonight February 7th at 6pm and speak up to ban plastic bags.

Nom Nom Nom…… Donuts!

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf Shop


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