Hobie Heart: The Best Days Aren’t Always the Best Days

The best days aren’t always the best days…..

January 24, 2012 1-2′ Water Temp: 58 Air Temp: 80 Wind: 0mph

Sometimes my favorite days in the water are when the waves are ridiculously small and few and far between. 1-2’ glassy conditions with 80 degree air temperature, about 10 people in the water and you know all of them. These are the days when you have silly fun the whole time. Goofing around with your buddies and not thinking about a thing, just bobbing around in the ocean… you might even go the whole session with your hair dry.

Figuring this could be the same way other people, far more skilled in the art of the glide than me might feel, I thought it best to ring a few friends up and get their opinions on teeny waves. In other words… I puzzled out how to fill the space in todays blog post by getting other people to spin the gold for me while I was out in the water enjoying a very lovely time on some wee waves. Shady? A little bit, but everyone gave fantastic, well thought out answers to the question “Why is it so much fun when the surf is small”?

Crazy good longboarder, Bucky Barry (I swear on a stack, this was his exact answer): “I don’t know… really, I don’t know. I honestly have no idea… why are you asking me a hard question… can’t you just say I said because ‘it’s tranquil’ or something… Wait. It’s because of the pretty girls! It’s the only time there are more of them than dudes in the water… **long pause** and because it’s tranquil.”

Hobie Shops board guru, Andy Cowell: “There is no stress, and people talk more in the lineup.. I have always thought the lineups are too quiet.” He adds, “Something about the small days, maybe it’s the glide on the longboard, but they always make me smile. They are like a good soft blanket.”

NSSA shortboarder, Tara Franz: “There isn’t any pressure to get the set waves on the small days. Everyone is just out having fun; No one is scratching and fighting to get position. The guys aren’t as gnarly, so you stay and surf longer.”

Three time World Longboard Champion, Colin McPhillips: “When I was a kid, small days were great for me. Since no one else was out I would sneak out at spots I wouldn’t go out to on big days. I got to practice my skills and I got better. Now that I SUP, small waves don’t exist anymore. With the paddle, you can create so much speed and get so much power coming off the bottom it doesn’t matter what size it is out. **laughs** I still sneak to the same spots I did when I was a kid, now I just bring my paddle.”

Four totally different people all seem to echo the same sentiment. The small days are so much fun because surfing is so much fun. The tiny days just give us time to take a break, slow down and remember that. However there was one detractor from our happy group of wee wave worshipers, Freddy Merrill had this to say: “Small days aren’t that great, you don’t need to come down.” Spoken like a true surfer. Pure gold.

-Tracey Engelking

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