Hobie Heart: First Blog is Always the Hardest…

First blog is always the hardest…

Or, at least that is what I’ve been telling myself for the last two hours as I have stared at a blank screen. A little black line blinking in front of me anxiously waiting for me to type up a post that captures some of the essence of a 62 year old brand.

“Just write about who we are, and what we do” that is the task. Sounds pretty simple, until you factor in the tradition and heritage of Hobie. 62 years… 62 years of innovation. 62 years of unmatched customer service. 62 years of fielding a team of legends on the water. 62 years of striving for the best and achieving it. 62 years as a pillar of the surf community… 62 years. Daunting, to say the least.

Do I start at the beginning, with Hobie Alter shaping his first boards in his Laguna Beach front yard in 1950? Do I write about the first shop in Dana Point in 1954? Should I start with the shapers who have called Hobie home; like Phil Edwards, Terry Martin, Midget Smith, Dewey Webber, Mickey Munoz, Timmy Patterson, Renny Yater, Joe Quigg, Mark Johnson, Gary Larson to name just a few. Or do I go more recent, with Tyler Warren, Rachael Tilly, or Donavon Frankenreiter? Maybe I should stick to the five shops, and talk about the impact they make on our local communities?

Whatever gets written here doesn’t just have to be good, it has to be great. It needs to be funny and smart. Interesting and engrossing. Entertaining and educational. Of the moment, while representing the past.  In other words… it better hold up to what has been expected of Hobie for the past 62 years. 62 years. Oh, boy!

Anxiety filled belly at trying to convey just a little of all that into a few paragraphs twice week, oh yes, I have it. The feeling that I’ll bungle the job, yes, I have that. Crushing fear at pressing “Publish” on this post, yes, I have a ton of that. But, along with all that fear, all that anxiety, all my doubts about my ability to pull this off… I have something else… I have a feeling of honor. Honor at being part of the next generation of this institution. Honor at the privilege of writing about the “Flying H”. Honor at being part of Hobie history.

Going forward, look to this blog to bring you bits and pieces of the Hobie Lifestyle. “Who we are, and what we do.” The posts might not always come out perfect, but they will always come from the heart of someone who still has to pinch herself everyday because she gets to go to work at Hobie.

-Tracey Engelking

Hobie Surf Shop 


2 thoughts on “Hobie Heart: First Blog is Always the Hardest…

  1. I liked your first blog. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Although I live by a lake now, I have always enjoyed your shop, since 1968. Nice to see old friends.

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