Hobie Shop: Mikey Muñoz Book Signing

On the evening of November 18th, we hosted a book signing with legendary waterman Mickey Munoz at our Dana Point store.  Mickey’s much anticipated book, No Bad Waves, published by Patagonia Books, was a hit.  All 80 copies and one surfboard, shaped by Mickey in the ‘70’s, were autographed by the endearing legend.  In attendance were Terry Martin, Jericho Poppler, Jeff Alter, and members of the infamous Hobie surf team, as well as 80 plus appreciative fans of Mickey’s.  A sidebar to Mickey’s evening was a presentation by the Surfing Heritage Foundation of five seminal surfboards shaped by Mickey, including Flippy Hoffman’s 15 foot Ah-woo board.  An amazing evening was had by all.  For information or to purchase Mickey’s book drop into one of our stores or click this link to buy online!  http://www.hobiesurfshop.com/product.php?productid=18243&cat=351&page=1


Mickey hard at work!

Happy customers!

Linda Michael with her signed copy!

Candy and Terry Martin, Mark Johnson, and his daughter Kirra

Hobie rider Rachel Tilly and family.


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